Why Are You So Fat? Why Are You So Sick?

Warning: If you believe in magic diets and pills that will cut off your fat or make you super healthy within few days than please leave this website immediatelly! This website and eBook is the result of serious research over many years and is intended for people that think seriously about changing their lifestyle and diet.

“Do you have zero energy? Zero physical condition? Fat instead muscles? High pressure, cholesterol, headaches, weak concentration? Looking for solution?”

    It took me years to put together all the required knowledge! During this period I had successfully finished many marathons. No, I do not want from you to run marathons. But if you want, the proper diet will make it possible for you too.

        You can believe in commercials that try you to sell so healthy products with so great taste, you can read many magazines and newspapers with so clever advices, you can go to restaurants that will serve you wonderful and tasty meals... But you are eating and eating and you are still feeling like a wreck... Why?

    People are used to eat everything. Whatever they can put into their mouth. So many food to choose from. But it is really suitable for our digestion? Will it give us nutrition that we need or just to play on our senses and make our stomach full?

    I do not want to sell you my eBook only. I want to sell you the way how to live better and feel better. I had written this book not just for you but for myself too. Why? Because I do not want to forget how to live healthy.

    If you think that you are ready to change your lifestyle, become healthier and gain your optimal weight again than look on the following list of chapters from my book:

  • 1. Eating Habits
  • 2. Proper Food Combination
  • 3. Fuel, Energy and Regeneration
  • 4. Digestion Versus Migraine
  • 5. What is Intestine?
  • 6. Fueling and Performance
  • 7. Energy and Recharging
  • 8. Liver Regeneration and Detox
  • 9. Fighting Diabetes and Pancreas Regeneration
  • 10. Insulin Resistance in Type 2 Diabetes
  • 11. Health Promoting Vitamins and Minerals
  • 12. Human Discrimination?
  • 13. High Cholesterol and High Pressure
  • 14. Fighting Herpes Zoster
  • 15. Effective Weight Loss Program
  • 16. Elements of Health
  • 17. Foods to Eat and not to Eat
  • 18. Are Blood ABO Type and Ayurveda Diet on the Right Track?
  • 19. Hair Loss and Sleep Disorders

  • 20. Anti-inflammatory and Anti-fat Diet
  • 21. Daily Meal Plans
  • 22. Enhancing Your Flexibility and Mobility
  • 23. Every Food Has Its Own Purpose
  • 24. Weight Loss Workouts
  • 25. Nutritional Food Facts

If you are planning to start weight loss program or heal some illness then this book is written for you. And one day we could be standing at the same starting line of marathon race...

PS: Your health is the only thing that matters, do not leave the care for tomorrow and start the change today.

To Your Success,

Author, marathon runner
and founder of WrongShape Project

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